"Put your trust in God and keep your powder dry!"

"Put your trust in God and your Powder Dry!" - Oliver Cromwell

Welcome to my homepage of all things nerdy!  I am a true Obergeek and proud of it.  When I'm not painting minatures for table top wargames then I'm on the internet, playing on my Xbox or watching movies or Big Bang Theory.  Occasionaly my saintly wife manages to coax me outdoors to visit friends or play with our son but this usually results in me running off to look at a Castle, museum  or battlefield of which, here in Yorkshire we have rich pickings (thank you, thank you, thank you Royal Armouries!)

Tabletop Wargames              


Quite new set of rules which we are playing a lot at the club.  I really like these rules, fast play, intelligent with a sublety and depth that increase the more you play.  Like DBA you do have consider your troop match-ups but there is much more to it than that.  It uses large bases (80mm x 40mm for infantry, about 4 DBA bases) which means that it allows you much more flexibility on how many figures you put on a base.

Very Civile Actions!

Excellent set of free rules by The Perfect Captain

Flames of War

 Good, fun World War II Rules.  Miniatures are getting very overpriced though.

Leeds Wargames Club

I am a member of an excellent local wargames club at Headingley in Leeds.  We have a large room which is part of the local British Legion Club.  There is plenty of space and terrain and a great bunch of friendly wargamers go regularly to play Ancient, Medieval, Napoleonic, WWI, WWII and even some board games.

The club is always looking for new members so if your looking for a good new club, come along.

The Club meets on Wednesday evenings from about 7ish at the function room to the rear of New Headingley Club.  Subs are normally £2 but new members can come for 4 weeks without paying just so they can get a feel for it before putting their hand in their pocket. 

 If your interested and want to see what it is like or even set up a game, please contact us on via the websit  http://www.leedswargamesclub.org.uk/ or just turn up!





I find I am buying less paper comics these days and instead downloading comics via the Comixology (c) App for the ipod which is excellent.  The viewer is free and you can download some titles for free (sampler issues) and the average cost of downloading a comic is between 59p and £1.20.  A lot cheaper than the paper version.  Obviously if your a collector then this is no good but for a simple consumer it is a bargain! 

Solomon Caine

Based on the character created by Robert Howard who created Conan, I like the era and some of the modern mini-series have been excellent.  Currently exploring older issues from the 80's.


Best comic since Watchmen.  Nuff Said.

Night Fog

New indie title.  Downloaded 1st issue for free.  Good art, intriguing storty.  Definitely has potential.


Hot Goth chick and her Eastern European henchman kick crap out of zombie serial killers.  My kind of thing!




Used to be awesome but season three is getting very tired.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Probably the most violent and sexually explict television show I have ever seen.  That's a win/win!

Big Bang Theory

Season three has been the least funny but I still enjoy it.